Friday, 12 May 2017

Great Smoky National Park

Our Weather here was perfect. This is a fabulous Park. Our site beside the Little River once again gives me a favorite place to relax.

We did some great hikes while here the first to Laurel Falls. This was approx 5 miles return. 
The second one was called the Gatlinburg trail and it was 4 miles return along the river.
Then we did a car ride around an old settlement for 1800's that is partially preserved .

On this outing we actually saw a smoky bear. This is our third time to this park and it defiantly will not be our last when you can find places like this for a lunch break.

Richard Russell State Park

Cooler and a bit of rain while here. But we did get out to the Arrowhead Pointe Golf Course. Rated as one of Georgia's top ten courses it is very picturesque and very challenging.

Friday, 5 May 2017

Hickory Knobb State Park

This park in South Carolina is always a favorite  due to its like front sites and unique Golf Course.
 Kevin finally gets a Par!!

We have traveled some now and stayed in many different campgrounds. This campground and especially this site is just my favorite. I love sitting at the waters edge any time of day.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Savannah Georgia

We spent our time at Skidaway Island State Park just outside Savannah. Our first day was spent enjoying the Historic District of Savannah. It is filled with unique small shops and open air market.  We golfed Henderson Golf Club. This course requires a golfer to make very long drives over marsh, not something we are both good at but we enjoyed it. Then major heat arrived for two days (30plus ), enabling us only to do short bike rides or marsh hikes before being chased into the air conditioning.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Jekyll Island

The weather for our stay here on Jekyll has been very warm, so we have been able to enjoy many bike rides, beach walks, golfing, and exploring the historic district of the area.  The bike paths are mostly through areas like below.

  On the golf course we saw alligators and goat deer which lead us to taking Gatorology and touring the Sea Turtle Rehab centre. Below, sea turtles, gator eggs and Kevin petting Tiny.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Day 11 and 12

Morning bike ride followed by a game of golf.
It is hard to see but if you look in the water there is a baby alligator, watching me tee off!!

Unfortunately a thunder and lightning storm came up so we only got in 14 holes.

Wednesday we spent shopping, JoAnn's and Harbour Freight are always happy to see us coming. Followed by a final evening walk around the campground.

Day 10

We took the Campground shuttle in to Charleston. There is a great Market were we saw these neat baskets.  Kevin is going to try to make me one, once we are home.

After a great Seafood lunch we walked along the waterfront and then back to the area to get our bus.  What we noticed is the homes are very, very close together but between each of them are these lovely small court yards.